RSI Restaurant Accounting Software

The platform includes digital invoice retention and scanning capabilities to save time, money, paper, and trees.

Accounting Services for the Hospitality Industry

Typical business accounting software is general in nature. There is some flexibility, and specific strategies to customize the functions are included, but the basic features are designed to suit businesses in all industries. Many owners must alter how invoices and expenses are entered to accommodate the software. That can get confusing, especially for employees entering numbers into the system. The result is an increase in mistakes, reporting that is askew, and estimates that are not accurate.

Industry Specific

Utilizing restaurant accounting services is easier, allows owners to keep better track of inventory and spending, and makes sense to employees. Services are designed to accommodate how a restaurant or hospitality business operates instead of the reverse. A proprietary system developed by R S I, called the Lester Hospitality Accounting Platform, is backed by over forty years of experience in hospitality accounting. It is supported by bank reconciliation specialists, operational trainers, industry-specific accountants, and tax experts to help owners realize an increase in profits that is, on average, eleven percent above the industry average.



The platform includes digital invoice retention and scanning capabilities to save time, money, paper, and trees. Documents are available for inspection to keep the business is compliant with both state and federal document retention laws. This also eliminates the need for extra storage space for boxes of paperwork. Innovative tools are included to create management solutions for spending control, maintaining an adequate cash flow, and managing operations.

The Education Component

Trust and verification accountability become established through training and education. Mistakes are drastically reduced, and the business maximizes the features of the accounting services. The business employees are educated in best practices and compliance standards regarding how to enter information by the operations trainers. This shortens the learning curve and ensures training is consistent.

This is unique to the platform and makes a significant difference in performance over general accounting software and services. Many new restaurants close within the first year of opening. Competition is fierce, so any methods to boost performance, save money, and better manage finances are worth exploring. Review the current accounting services and platform used and decide if up to an eleven percent increase is desired.